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Let’s find something you love! Boasting contemporary styles of modern art and high grade glass prodcts, these eclectic decorative centerpiece vases are perfect for making stunning centerpieces and unique floral , candle, or succulent display.

ALL (386)
Decor Vase (184)
Plant Terrarium (77)
Candle Holder (34)
Cup & Teapot (12)
Jar & Dome (46)
Geometric Terrarium (34)

Candle Holder Vases

Make your occasion a wonderful by adding our candle holder vases to each table a...

Slant-top Glass Vase

Impress your guest coming to your home, office, event, or any program by this be...

Big Kettle Cup Set

Better than traditional and with very convenient size, our big kettle cup set ca...

Greenhouse Terrarium

Elegant glass Greenhouse Terrarium is perfect for holding plants or other object...

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